Why buy spirits at auction?

  • 1- Auctions give you access to some of the rarest and most coveted spirits…

    As is the case for many collectors’ products and objects, the rarest and most keenly sought spirits tend to be found on the auction market. Limited editions, mature vintages, collectors’ bottles, and bygone distilleries are the kinds of spirits we see go under the hammer, much to the delight of enthusiasts across the world.

  • 2- Auctions are also a way to get a good deal

    The most coveted spirits (often the most expensive ones) are naturally featured at auction, but this doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of good deals to be had! On the contrary, the game of the auction is in its variable prices, giving bidders the chance to find some real gems. Some of the bottles will begin at their market price, others above this mark, and others even below it. There’s an art to following the auction market and staying reactive!

  • 3- A safe and secure system for buying spirits

    For old and rare spirits, a high level of expertise is required when it comes to evaluation. By choosing to buy through an auction house, you can rely on an established system with strict, legal guidelines. Auction houses must be accredited by the Conseil des ventes volontaires aux enchères publiques (CVV) – France’s official regulatory body for auctions – and makes use of a certified auctioneer (registered by the French state) to ensure the correct running of sales. The most renowned auction houses are able to provide high-quality evaluation. Each bottle is carefully authenticated, inspected, photographed, and written up by a team of experts. This means the spirits proposed at auction are guaranteed to be authentic.

  • 4- Keep your finger on the pulse

    Auctions are open to all, beginners and experts alike, but they do particularly attract enthusiasts and connoisseurs seeking bottles that can’t be found elsewhere. These are the kinds of people who bring to light new trends in the industry, emerging with interests for new products; if there are lots of people bidding on a particular kind of spirit, chances are that it’s one you want to pay attention to. Following auction trends is a rich way of learning about the world of spirits and its market, allowing newer enthusiasts to hone their knowledge.

  • 5- Auctions are fun!

    Though not necessarily the main thing, it’s worth a mention: auctions are a fun way to buy spirits. When a particularly coveted bottle is put up for sale, this can spark some heated bidding wars between keen spirit lovers, and that’s when things get interesting. Everyone wants to get their hands on one thing, but only at a price they judge to be right…

How do I buy spirits at auction?

The way in which auctions work has evolved quite a lot in recent years, especially with the digitalisation of sales. Of course, traditional auction houses still exist, but they are now facing stiff competition from online outlets that offer global visibility for their products.
  • How do auctions work on FineSpirits.Auction?

    Fine Spirits Auction is a new platform specialising in spirit and whisky auctions. It was created by La Maison du Whisky, France’s go-to merchant for whisky and spirits, in collaboration with iDealwine, France’s top wine auction house and a world-leading online auctioneer. Fine Spirits Auction uses iDealwine’s auction subsidiary, International Wine Auction, for the organisation and legal framing of sales. These auctions follow the same principles as a classic (in-person) auction, but the bidding takes place online. FSA’s auctions can guarantee the same level of product evaluation, authentication, and transaction security. IWA also guarantees that bottles conform to what is described in the catalogue, as well as ensuring smooth and correct transactions.

  • How are the spirits evaluated?

    Each bottle put up for auction at FineSpirits.Auction is meticulously evaluated by a specialised team made up of experts from iDealwine and rare spirits specialists from LMDW. They do not accept bottles that are counterfeit or in bad condition. There are a number of verification stages for each brand and type of spirit.

  • How do I place a bid at FineSpirits.Auction?

    To place a bid, you must have an account with iDealwine (including your payment method) since the transaction takes place on iDealwine’s auction platform. Then you just click “Bid” on whichever lot(s) interests you and follow the auction, potentially bidding higher if you have a competitor. On the date and hour of the sale closing, the final and highest bidder is the person who wins the lot. To maximise your chances of winning your desired lot without breaking your budget, you can decide on a maximum bid: this maximum (not visible to other bidders) will only be reached if other clients attempt to outbid you. The bid will increase automatically each time another user places higher than your latest bid. This continues until your maximum bid is reached, without you needing to follow the auction. Before bidding, you can also “Track” any lots that interest you. The bottles you have your eye on will be listed together on the same page, allowing you to follow the ongoing auction easily and without missing out.

  • How and when do I settle my order if I win an auction?

    Once the sale has finished, you will receive an email detailing the lots for which you placed a bid and the outcome of your auction. For any lots you have won, the price will also be included. After the final auction closes, you will receive an email asking you to settle your order. You can then fill in your delivery details or collect your order from our warehouse in Colombes.


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