Starting your collection

To witness the passing of time is a privilege... And, although it’s never easy to see the time go by, there is a way to make it stop. Captured in the four corners of the globe, in what seems to be a simple layer of glass, are testaments to eras gone-by patiently waiting to be remembered in the present.

If you are reading this, it means that you too - for the time of a tasting- want to bring time to a standstill.

Welcome to Fine Spirits Auction.

Starting your collection

From whisky to rum, Cognac, Chartreuse and more... hundreds of thousands of bottlings lie patiently dormant, waiting to be tasted. They represent a wealth of flavours, aromas and histories traded daily on the collectible spirits market. So how do you find a bottle that’s really worth its salt? There are a huge number of possibilities open to any new collector, but it is only by following a few basic rules that you will be able to navigate smoothly through this sea of spirits!

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Trust taste above all else

“Love it or hate it, but never ignore”, this slogan from a famous Scottish distillery should be the first commandment of any self-respecting spirits enthusiast.
Although the latter’s initial quest must begin with the discovery an infinite world of flavours and aromas (intrinsically linked to the production methods of each distillery), any legitimate enthusiast must first have the desire to explore. Tastes are permanently changing and it is only by exploring that we can each discover our true preferences.
Remember that no label, no gift set and no legend can ever replace what matters the most: quality. Investing in spirits can be a very profitable exercise, but don’t forget, when all is said and done, it’s always best to find yourself with bottles you would enjoy drinking...

Se fier au goût avant tout
Tasting - the essential first step for any future collector!

Share and discuss

Of course, it isn’t always possible to taste a bottle before buying it, but the good news is that there are now lots of great sites and specialist magazines that can help give you a clearer picture. And, even though you should never show blind faith, a whisky scored 95/100 by 500 people probably isn’t too risky an investment!

  • Whiskyfun
  • Whisky Mag

One distillery, endless possibilities

Once you’ve discovered your favourite distilleries, endless possibilities await.
In addition to official bottlings, independent bottlers will enable you to discover another aspect of your favourite spirit.
Going back in time is another option becoming increasingly popular among enthusiasts. Buying a bottle from your favourite distillery is always a pleasure, but managing to find a vintage from your birth year is a special delight for any aficionado!
Be careful, though, buying old bottlings requires extra vigilance!

  • laphroaig 10 years
  • laphroaig 1998
  • laphroaig

Venture into the unknown

Years of experience and proven expertise won’t stop you being tempted by the unknown. And it’s a risk that can really pay off! As well as discovering a high-quality product, it can sometimes also enable you to join a wave of trend-setters.
From still-unknown micro-distilleries to forgotten old blended scotches, the unknown can hold some wonderful surprises!

Put your trust in professionals

With price tags in the secondary market long attracting envy, no product is safe from counterfeit. From fake bottlings to copies, and copies of fake bottlings, it seems unthinkable that any collector would not turn to a qualified retailer capable of discerning genuine products from fakes.


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