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Since the collaboration of iDealwine with La Maison du Whisky in late 2020, sales on the Fine Spirits Auction platform have got off to a stunning start, attracting not only buyers but also an increasing number of sellers. We spoke to a few of them about the experience of parting with their precious bottles.


How did you find out about Fine Spirits Auction?

Seller A: I’m a regular seller with iDealwine and have been for a long time, so this is how I found out about Fine Spirits Auction. I’m a great fan of wine and spirits, and having been an owner of a club then a large bar, I’ve had many occasions to try really good bottles. When this career came to a end, I kept in touch with top domains that have provided me with bottles that are otherwise unfindable on the market.

Seller B: I was already a client with La Maison du Whisky and discovered this new auction platform via their Facebook page.


Why did you want to sell your bottles with Fine Spirits Auction?

Seller A: I’m over 70 years old now, so I’ve had time to observe consumer habits over the decades. Spirits that were quite unpopular not so long ago have since seen a revival and have become much more coveted. It seemed like the time to get these bottles out of my cellar.

I also realised that I would never be able to drink all the bottles I’ve amassed, so why not share them with other spirit lovers? What I like about Fine Spirits Auction is that I trust the clientele – I know that whoever bids on my bottles will be a true enthusiast. This is a kind of consolation for me…

Seller B: Since my tastes have changed, it was time for a sort-out in my cellar!


What did you think of your experience selling with Fine Spirits Auction?

Seller A: I only have positive things to say! I got a really quick response to my estimate request and my exchanges with staff were impeccable. I happily recommend this site to any enthusiast wanting to pass their bottles on to like-minded people.

Seller B: Fine Spirits Auction is a reactive company with an attentive team and a personalised response. It was a pleasure to collaborate in putting my bottles up for auction. An experience I’d gladly repeat!

Sophie, client manager for Fine Spirits Auction, explains the process of selling your spirits

Do you have some treasures that you’re thinking of selling? The first step is to request an estimate for your bottles. Free and non-binding, this will give you an idea of how much your spirits are worth. You simply have to fill in the online form, and someone from our team will get back to you with a price estimate within a week. If you’re pleased with your estimate and would like to pursue a sale, you can either proceed by dropping off your bottles at our warehouse in Colombes (Paris) or sending them via a courier (we can advise on this part!)

Once the bottles have arrived in Colombes, they are evaluated and put up for sale; at the moment, auctions on Fine Spirit Auction are organised every few months. Note that bottles should arrive at the latest one week before the start of an auction to be included as soon as possible.

If any of your bottles don’t find a bidder, they are automatically included in the three following auctions. Fortunately, this is a rare occurrence, as proven by our excellent rate of bottles sold!


Sell your spirits with Fine Spirits Auction


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