The View from the Golden Promise 10.1

The View from the Golden Promise is a chance to see the bottles under the hammer at in a new light. To give you this fresh perspective, we’ve called on two experts from the Golden Promise Whisky Bar.


Clément Gaillard

Karuizawa 1999-2000 Geisha Label

61.4%, 70 cl, 2017, Sherry Cask, For La Maison du Whisky

Although the most recent vintages of Karuizawa might not receive the same attention as those of previous decades, some have just as much to offer. This is one such example, an edition characterized by its fruity and animal character. The latter is manifested in notes of leather, cured meat and mushroom, while the fruit evokes Mirabelle plum, apple, red fruits and oranges. Spices (pepper, clove, star anise) further lift a whisky that makes us almost nostalgic for the winter and its gamey dishes, hot soups and sauces!


Miyagikyo 1996 Single Cask Light Peat

62%, 70 cl, 2014 Remade Hogshead #66535, For La Maison du Whisky

293 bottles


Although peat is generally more associated with Yoichi, some very beautiful casks of peated Miyagikyo have also been bottled. This particular bottling stands out not so much for its present-yet-mild peat but rather for its power and complexity. It opens on notes of freshly baked bread, orange blossom brioche and Corinthian raisins. Citrus fruits are also revealed (mandarine, lemon), followed by beautiful spices (ginger, white pepper) and aromatic herbs (mint, lemongrass, sorrel). A whisky that seems to be constantly changing and yet maintains the same precision and finesse throughout the tasting.


Salvatore Mannino

Compass Box The General

53.4%, 70 cl, 2013

1,698 bottles


Karuizawa 32 Year Old 1981 Yuuka Yamada “En Soi”

57.3%, 70 cl, Bourbon Barrel #8461, For La Maison du Whisky

186 bottles

For many enthusiasts, Karuizawa is at its best when matured in a sherry cask. But this bottling shows that bourbon casks are also capable of revealing other just-as-incredible aspects of this iconic Japanese whisky. The round and full nose immediately offers up notes of exotic fruit (mango) and embarks on a rich register (latte, crème chiboust). Oak notes then precede light peat, eucalyptus and camphor. As it is allowed to breathe, it becomes increasingly fresh. The palate is fluid, spicy (white pepper) and tangy (fruit caramel). Discrete peat accompanies a mentholated and refreshing mid-palate that finishes on salty notes. A drop of water enhances this herbaceous and saline side. Might Hokusai’s wave have reached Mount Asama?


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