The View from the Golden Promise 12.1

The View from the Golden Promise is a chance to see the bottles under the hammer at in a new light. To give you this fresh perspective, we’ve called on two experts from the Golden Promise Whisky Bar.


Clément Gaillard


Yoichi 12 Year Old 70th Anniversary

58%, 70 cl, 2004

Released in 2004 to mark Nikka’s 70th anniversary, this Yoichi 12 year old stands out for its power and slight austerity. Underpinned by a medicinal and waxy peat (ointment, balm)—the distillery’s signature—it develops with notes of tobacco (cigar), leather and cured meat. A handful of citrus fruits (mandarin, orange) and a hint of salted butter caramel add the finishing touches. Simple but incredibly effective.


Miyagikyo Limited Edition 2019

48%, 70 cl

This sherry influenced Miyagikyo essentially offers a summary of everything the distillery does well. It features whiskies from the last five decades, including the distillery’s first vintage, 1969, and reveals traces of peat, smoke and a slightly medicinal character (camphor). In a richer register, it also offers notes of dried fruit (Corinthian raisins), sloe, leather, salted butter caramel and chocolate. Beeswax is also present and the wood perfectly integrated. A true masterstroke and reminder that Miyagikyo has just as much to offer as its older sister Yoichi.


Salvatore Mannino


Bowmore 1994 Berry Bros & Rudd

54.5%, 70 cl, 2008, #1685, LMDW


Now this is a Bowmore like no other! Although an Islay whisky, the malt produced by the distillery is generally less of a peaty monster and can even reveal an exuberant exoticism, all of which has helped develop its legendary status. This particular version is full-bodied, with soot and peat providing substance, all livened up with the beautiful peppery notes so dear to Bowmore, and of course a salty character that keeps its island origins in the forefront of our minds.   


Lochside 1981 Gordon & MacPhail

56.1%, 70 cl, 2009, Refill Sherry Hogshead #803, LMDW



The Lochside distillery was founded in 1957 by the renowned Joseph W. Hobbs (who already owned by Ben Nevis) and originally produced grain whisky. Four years later, it had also begun producing malt, making it one of the few Scottish distilleries able to offer its own blend. After two years of closure, in 1973 it became the property of the Spanish company Destilerias & Crianza del Whisky, supplying its local blend. Sadly, the distillery—nicknamed the Springbank of the East by independent bottler Murray McDavid—permanently closed its doors in 1992 after the Whisky Loch crisis. 

This version from Gordon & MacPhail offers everything fans of the distillery (who include me) would expect to find, from a delicate and exotic nose (passion fruit) to wonderful body (honey). It then becomes floral (iris) and slightly camphoric. The palate reveals yellow and exotic fruits before moving into liquorice and slightly smoky notes. The finish boasts impressive length focused on fruit and spices. Why did this distillery—and so many others—have to close?


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