The View from The Golden Promise 13.2

The View from the Golden Promise is a chance to see the bottles under the hammer at in a new light. To give you this fresh perspective, we’ve called on two experts from the Golden Promise Whisky Bar.



Clément Gaillard


Skeldon 32 Year Old 1973 Velier

60.5%, 70 cl, 2005, SWR, 544 bottles

Just like the famous 1978 bottling, this Skeldon reveals an impressive fruity character chock full of red fruits (cherry, strawberry) and dried fruits (Corinthian raisin, date). The wood is of course very present (sandalwood), alongside notes of coffee, brown tobacco, dark chocolate and roasted nuts (almond, walnut, chestnut). On the palate, the texture is thick and resinous, and the finish extraordinarily long. A Skeldon whose intense-but-delicate and bold-but-enchanting profile brings to mind an outstanding Barolo.


Caroni Ballas "Brigade" Bhaggan 1998 Full Proof Heavy Rum

68.4%, 70cl, 2020, 1,158 bottles

Now this is an uncompromising Caroni that focuses everything on an intense and spicy wood (clove, pepper) and notes of bitter chocolate supported by an empyreumatic character (cigar, chimney fire). Citrus fruit adds lots of nuance, from the fruity acidity of blood orange to the gentle bitterness of grapefruit. A Caroni that overflows with both character and finesse.



Salvatore Mannino


Glen Grant 5 Year Old 1967

40%, 75cl, Giovinetti Import

The relationship that blossomed between Glen Grant and Italy in the 1960s thanks to Glen Grant’s transalpine importer Armando Giovinetti is a story of true romance. And the historic connection continues today, with Campari’s acquisition of the distillery in 2006 marking a new level of union. In fact, when the Italian rugby team joined the Six Nations rugby tournament in 2000, it was even sponsored by Glen Grant!

This 5 year old version (note the words ‘Highland Malt’ on the label) beautifully reflects the very fresh profile so popular with local enthusiasts at the time. On the nose, old bottle effect brings roundness and notes of acacia honey. Pear, quince and green apple then take us deep into an orchard, while straw-like aromas drive us into the fields just after harvest. Exotic (star fruit), it becomes much fresher as it breathes, revealing herbaceous (rush) and peppery notes. The palate is full and smooth, confirming the nose with fruity notes that become increasingly rich (lychee marshmallow). A sprinkling of pepper throughout adds texture. The finish is long, spicy and refreshing.


Hanyu 2000 Tay Back Chiang « Her Eyebrow »

59,9%, 70cl, 2014, Hogshead American Oak #957, For La Maison du Whisky

This is a great example of what the distillery can do, revealing a contrasting and surprising palette of aromas and flavours sure to leave no taster indifferent. The nose is full and lively, with notes of forest floor appearing alongside nougat and caramelized almonds. Allowing time to breath helps tame the high ABV. A more concentrated picture then forms, on a foundation of veal and rosemary. Oak and sappy notes take us back to the forest.  The palate is powerful and spicy, and the attack lively with notes of oak and pepper. The mid-palate brings to mind a rose-flavoured sorghum liquor. Fruit (medlar, lychee) and blanched almonds soften the palate. The finish is long, focusing on sap and spice.  Like I said, Hanyu doesn’t do simple.



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