The View from the Golden Promise 14.3

The View from the Golden Promise is a chance to see the bottles under the hammer at in a new light. To give you this fresh perspective, we’ve called on two experts from the Golden Promise Whisky Bar.


Clément Gaillard

Glenfarclas 25 years Of. Ceramic Jug


This Glenfarclas is a great example of the distillery’s trademark style, with supple, fruity sherry (apricot, fig) appearing alongside more vegetal and meaty (stew) notes. It also offers a joyful richness found in notes of caramel, malt and latte, all seasoned with a pinch of pepper. A delightful yet not necessarily very complex malt that is a pleasure to drink.

Savanna 10 years 2006 Of. HERR Cask no. 502 - One of 686 LMDW 60th Anniversary


This grand arôme rum from Reunion Island underwent a long fermentation that has brought it exuberant notes of flambéed banana, burnt rubber and glue that bring to mind certain Jamaican rums. The palate continues in the same vein with notes of plum cordial, fig and a resolutely peppery character. Mint, liquorice, olive and salt are also found. A love-it-or-hate-it rum that is definitely worth tasting.



Salvatore Mannino

Mars Of. Tsunuki The First 2016-2017 One of 9984 - bottled 2020


In 2015, Hombo Shuzo made the surprising announcement that it was building a second distillery in Kagoshima, the prefecture where the company was first founded. Tsunuki has become the playground of the talented young master distiller Tatsuro Kusano, and, since the first spirit left the stills in April 2020, he has used it to ceaselessly explore the ingredients required for producing a world-class whisky. This first opus, Tsunuki The First, is a testament to Kusano’s expertise and shows that age is not the only measure of accomplishment.  The nose is full and fresh. A basketful of white fruits (pear, apple) are tipped out, accompanied by subtle notes of peat and camphor. Lightly roasted, it then makes way for spices and aromatic herbs (cardamom, white pepper, tarragon, horseradish). As the whisky is allowed to breathe, it becomes rich (crème chiboust) and the fruits become citric (citron) and exotic (star fruit). The palate is full and lively. Spicy at first (pepper, chilli), it gradually softens, offering a rich register, with a nutmeg-sprinkled citrus fruit cream, and elegant whipped egg whites. The finish is long, spicy and chocolatey. We can’t wait for the next!  




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