The View from the Golden Promise 5.1


The View from the Golden Promise is a chance to see the bottles under the hammer at in a new light. To give you this fresh perspective, we’ve called on two experts from the Golden Promise Whisky Bar, Clément Gaillard and Salvatore Mannino.

For every new sale, they will share their thoughts on their favourites in the catalogue.

Nestled in the Montorgueil district of Paris, the Golden Promise bar is split into two areas: The first a cocktail bar and the second dedicated to tasting rare whiskies. More than 1,000 bottlings—most of which are almost impossible to find elsewhere—are available in the speakeasy style cellar.


Clément’s selection

Karuizawa 1967 Cask No° 6426, 58,4%, 70cl

The Karuizawa 1968 and 1969 bottlings I have been lucky enough to taste in the past have all left me with the memory of being surprisingly round and accessible for their age and bottling strength, as though time had brought them a sort of kind-heartedness. So I was a little disconcerted by the far more intimidating character of this 1967, whose vertiginous complexity still leaves me speechless just thinking about it. Without trying to name everything in its palette, I can say we do find superb notes of precious wood, incense, leather, cured meat, cigar, liquorice,

bitter chocolate, clove, mint and absinthe... Serge Valentin also very astutely mentioned aged Pu’er, the famous fermented tea produced in Yunnan, China. It’s an extreme experience that won’t be to everyone’s liking, but one of the most beautiful whiskies I have ever been offered to taste. Thank you again to the person who gave me the opportunity.


White Horse 43%, 70cl, B.A.P. Import

It would be wrong to ignore old blends, especially when they include Lagavulin in their make-up. I haven’t tasted this version, but I have very good memories of other editions released in more or less the same period. The malt isn’t at all hidden and the peat is clearly present, just softened by a few notes of dried fruit, most likely imparted by the sherry’s influence. On the palate, the texture is oily and the whisky takes on a peppery and meaty character, with bitter orange on the finish. Don’t forget the old blends, they will serve you well! 



Salvatore’s selection

Ardbeg 19 ans Traigh Bhan Batch 1, 46,2%, 70cl, 2019


The arrival of an older Ardbeg is always an event, especially when it is released in an accessible number of bottles. This legendary distillery needs no introduction and, while its powerful character has helped build its renown among fans of heavily peated malts, this bottling is slightly tamer. Here, the peat is more measured and allows an expression of beautiful lemony notes. The smoke is clearer but paves the way for cocoa notes imparted by the Oloroso cask maturation.   



Chichibu The First, 61,8%, 70cl, 2011


Introduced in the LMDW 2012 Catalogue, the release of this bottling got everyone in France talking. The lucky few (myself included) who got to taste the ‘newborn’ aged for just a few months and released in 2008 were impatient to discover the first whisky produced by the distillery of the same name. At the time, we had no idea Chichibu would begin a new and important chapter in the history of Japanese whisky and go on to inspire a new wave of artisanal distilleries in the country. This three year old is impressive for more than one reason and combines power and finesse. Malted barley reigns supreme, accompanied by a fleet of spices and citrus fruit as well as herbaceous notes that refresh the palate. Outstanding.


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