The View from the Golden Promise 5.2

The View from the Golden Promise is a chance to see the bottles under the hammer at in a new light. To give you this fresh perspective, we’ve called on two experts from the Golden Promise Whisky Bar, Clément Gaillard and Salvatore Mannino.

For every new sale, they will share their thoughts on their favourites in the catalogue.

Nestled in the Montorgueil district of Paris, the Golden Promise bar is split into two areas: The first a cocktail bar and the second dedicated to tasting rare whiskies. More than 1,000 bottlings—most of which are almost impossible to find elsewhere—are available in the speakeasy style cellar.

Clément’s selection

Talisker 1958 Gordon & MacPhail40%, 75 cl 

These old Taliskers bottled by Gordon & MacPhail in the 1970s and 1980s are known for generally being quite delicious. This one is no exception and reveals an elegant, well-integrated peat that takes care not to overpower the many different fruits. Fans of old whisky will also appreciate this Talisker’s waxy and resinous patina, which presents on the palate as an oily, rich and very smooth texture. 


Springbank 21 Year Old,1995, Auxil Import, 46%, 70 cl

The Springbank 21 Year Olds released in the 1990s are real gems of balance and complexity. An earthy, salty peat mixes with the whisky’s meaty, tertiary character. Most likely distilled in the early 1970s, this bottling is a clear reminder of the high quality of the whisky produced at Springbank in this era, here highlighted by a slightly austere but incredibly elegant wood.


Salvatore’s selection

Nikka Tsuru 17 Year Old, 2012, 43%, 70 cl

Blends are often underestimated but this Tsuru 17 Year Old is a great example of how, in The Land of the Rising Sun blending can be a genuine art form (which it is). Every characteristic for which Japanese whisky is known is present: balance, complexity and finesse. Candied fruit hides sweet spices, all finished off with notes of noble wood. It’s easy to see why these charming Japanese whiskies are so popular.


Bowmore 1994 Berry Bros. & Rudd, 2008 cask No. 1685, 54.5%, 70cl

Now this is a Bowmore like no others! Despite being an Islay whisky, the malt produced at the distillery is generally less of a peat monster and can even reveal an exuberant exoticism, something which has helped develop its legendary status. This particular version is full-bodied, with soot and peat providing substance, all livened up with the beautiful peppery notes so dear to Bowmore, and of course a salty character that keeps its island origins in the forefront of our minds.    




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