The View from the Golden Promise 7.1


Clément Gaillard

Brora 22 Year Old 1972 Rare Malts

58.7%, 70cl, 1995

As we all know, 1972 is a very special vintage for Brora. It is famed out for its peat and the incredibly rare bottlings adored by whisky lovers, such as this Rare Malts expression. As is often the case in this range, this is a very powerful whisky and requires the taster to exercise both patience and a little water. The nose has a farmyard (hay, leather) and oily character accompanied, as expected, by a frank and salty peat. We also find a few zests of dried citrus fruit. The palate is no less intense, revealing powerful saline (seaweed), smoky and peppery flavours. Medicinal and camphoric notes appear throughout the tasting, which is memorable for both the whisky’s intensity and the distillery’s unique style, this vintage in particular.


Strathisla 1967 Gordon & Macphail

50%, 70 cl, 2007, #6112, For La Maison du Whisky