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What is Fine Spirits Auction?

Fine Spirits Auction is an auction platform dedicated to the sale of fine whisky and spirits. Born of a joint initiative between La Maison du Whisky, a specialist in whisky, rum, and spirits since 1956 and iDealwine, a world leader in online wine-selling (and France’s top wine auctioneer), Fine Spirits Auction brings together two of France’s champions in the sector.

Two, complementary ideas led to the founding of this project: iDealwine, always at the forefront of following market trends, has noted the steady growth made by spirits at auction in recent years. This kind of product is piquing the interest of more and more buyers, but options have been limited. At the same time, La Maison du Whisky sees online auctions as the best way of offering global visibility to the rarest and most exceptional spirits, with the aim of reaching enthusiasts in more countries. iDealwine has the technical solution – tried and tested for 20 years – and masterful insight into the auction world. La Maison du Whisky is renowned for its expertise in the domain of spirits and for its network of private and professional clients. And what these two companies certainly share is the very same passion for fine wine and spirits.

Choose expertise and security

To buy or sell through Fine Spirits Auction is to choose the utmost expertise thanks to our highly qualified team. We have everything covered, from the smooth running of online auctions to precise knowledge of fine spirits, and a finger on the pulse when it comes to the latest market trends. We have a team dedicated to accompanying future sellers who advise on the choice of spirits to sell, the best time to go ahead with the sale, the correct starting price, and how to separate lots. This bespoke service functions to help sellers and collectors achieve the best results for their spirits.

Bottle evaluation is carried out jointly by the teams at iDealwine and La Maison du Whisky, specialists in the sector. The experts from LMDW are accomplished in their knowledge of what makes a fine spirit distinctive and distinguished, since they work in close contact with the distilleries.

Finally, is a safe and secure operator: the bottles we sell are insured (during transport, evaluation, and until received by the client) and payment is guaranteed within 35 days of an auction closing. is the only spirit auction platform offering a guaranteed payment within a specific window for lots that have found a buyer. These sales are organised within the legal framework of public auctions. In this way, they are covered by the guarantee of licensed auctioneers, sworn officials who ensure the correct functioning and regularity of sales. Delivery to the winning bidder is ensured across the world and in the most efficient timeframe.

A selection of fine, rare spirits with global reach

The spirits on offer at Fine Spirits Auction will draw in even the most demanding collector due both to their rarity (limited editions, mature vintages…) and the extent of the selection. Bottles not meeting our standards are not put up for auction and each spirit selected is meticulously evaluated, authenticated, described, and photographed by our experts.

The team in charge of content at creates a complete promotion package for each sale, maximising visibility for the lots available. Each bottle can be seen on three platforms: Fine Spirits Auction, of course, but also at iDealwine and Plus, the digital promotion of articles, referencing, emails, and photos are all amplified via our social media, meaning that our reach to enthusiasts is truly global.


iDealwine and La Maison du Whisky have combined their expertise to create FINESPIRITS.AUCTION, a platform dedicated to whisky and spirit auctions.

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Source, official importer and exclusive distributor of brands from around the world, La Maison du Whisky has accompanied enthusiasts of whisky and spirits for over 60 years. Curious and creative, we are led by two guiding principles: a passion for our products and a desire for you to discover them in our shops, at, or from France’s finest sellers.

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Established in Europe and Asia, iDealwine is a global platform for buying, selling, and evaluating fine wine. The company now figures among the global leaders of online wine auctions, as well as selling at fixed price. iDealwine brings together a community of 600,000 wine lovers, with bottles sold making their way to almost 60 countries.


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100% of the whisky and spirits on offer are evaluated by our specialists. Guaranteed authenticity.
Stockage & Livraison


Storage in our warehouse, secure packaging, insured delivery, within 72 hours of auction closure.


Guarantee covering auction proceedings and regulations enforced by a licensed auctioneer.